Bring it Home Philadelphia

When you think of an art Museum, you imagine astounding artworks from artists and a well crafted display area where you can easily browse and reflect. Longwood Garden in Philadelphia envisions the same essence of a royal art gallery and transmits the design in the form of a botanical display. Plants are not just integral sentient life-forms, but they are also the artworks of nature, and Longwood Gardens is place that helps you realize that.

 A New Experience

Aligned with a host of nature exhibits and events, Longwood seeks to transform the experience of visiting conservatories and gardens. The landscapes will be vast and magnificent. The entirety of the structure redefines the garden experience for the viewers. Recently, the designers installed a new 322,000 square foot glass house, which is the size of a football field, and floats on a pool of water.

Imagine being on a garden floating on water. Visiting the seasonal events here will help you transcend into an unthinkable serene place. Inside the West Conservatory, audience members will be exposed to Mediterranean gardens which involve acacias, ancient olive trees, and more.

Along with the majestic and exotic species of plant life, visitors will also witness a continuous sheet of water that contains three islands, walks and canals. All of this paired together will contribute to a remarkable time for the audience member.

The Cascade Garden

The great Brazilian landscape architect, Roberto Burle is responsible for designing the cascade garden in this botanical wonderland. This cascading plantings and landscape will not thrive in the enclosure of tropical jewel box enclosure.

The architect of this garden shared the passion towards conserving and saving the rainforest. Stemmed within this garden is beautifully structured forest design, and the plants aligned in this garden share a hidden message for the public. This message pertains to saving forest life and preservation.

Other Upgrades to the Park

The Garden is also equipped with a mesmerizing water lily court. In addition to that, the garden also showcases the expansion of the Bonsai Display, along with exciting new landscapes and infrastructure.  One such addition is a terrace that offers views that have historical significance, along with sublime meadows.

The idea behind the Garden’s design is to provide the audience members with an unfolding and ever-changing cinematic experience. At the east-end of the path that has been newly created in location, visitors can take part in enjoyable restaurants, and also witness wonderful event spaces that will host incredible musical evenings and other events. In the Longwood area, there are also great plans to construct educational facilities that will educate future prospects.

Redefining Gardens

Gardens are not only places of beauty, but they also have a psychological importance as well. Visiting the events at this garden in 2022 will allow you to enter a path of self discovery, and get in touch with something bigger than the ulterior drama of everyday life.

Winter Wonder (January 22 – March 27)

Philadelphia people can now immerse in this grand conservatory and experience the winter wonders of floral plants. You can not only stroll across 400 acres of blooming, serene, and multicolored plant life, but can also take part in a remarkable line up of performances by incredible local artists and new talents.

Taking part in this winter experience will provide you with a unique and sublime experience in 2022 that you can look back on. It will also help you get a glimpse of marvelous winter landscapes and a collection of beds, coral and orchids.

Spring Bloom (April 2 – May 1)

Spring is the season of growth, hope, and ever growing splendor. It is the beginning of blossoming colors and radiant display of sprouting activity within plants. It is also the time when the surrounding air fills with fragrance. There are few better places to witness this incredible change than Longwood Garden in PA. During the spring exhibit, the Garden will be closed on Tuesdays and opened for visitors on other days around 10-am and 6 pm.

Festival of Fountains (May 5 – September 25)

The garden also opens its doors to visitor yearning to make a splash in the summer season. The main fountain garden offers an astounding experience that allows you to get refreshed and kill the heat. Heading over the Longwood garden will also help you witness an array of illuminated fountains that dance to sounds of sweet music.

More Events

Apart from the above-mentioned events, the Longwood Botanical garden will be host to a lot more happens that cater to adults and children of all ages. From musical performances, theatre, to classes and workshops, there is plenty to look forward to. Not to mention, visiting the garden simply for a tour is an experience in itself. Click here if you want to learn more about all the events that are happening at this venue.