Bring it Home Philadelphia

Philadelphia is filled with loads of attractions and activities that entice travelers from all over the world. Whether you are an adventure seeker, art admirer, or a fine-dine enthusiast, Philadelphia has something to offer for everyone. Below, the article will discuss some of the best spots in PA that you must know about.

Independence Hall

Independence hall is a building that is integral to the American independence. It is an attraction spot that has the highest historical significance. Here, the American constitution of independence was signed, which makes it a crucial landmark in the history of the United States.

The independence hall was first the Pennsylvania Statehouse. You can visit the independence hall free of charge. Right across the street from the independence hall, you can find the liberty bell, which is also an incredible specimen of American Independence.

Originally, the independence bell use to be inside the independence hall. People rang this bell when they wanted to make important announcements. This bell is also symbolic for the slave liberation movement. Visitors can enjoy both of these works of historic art by visiting the National Historic Park in Philadelphia.

Elfreth’s Alley

This alley is one of the oldest streets in America that is still inhabited. It is aligned with beautiful historic style houses on both sides, and Victorian-style lamps that fill the street with mass aesthetic. This street is also located close to the port because most of the people that live in these old colonies are merchants that require a quick access to the docking station.

Built between the 18th and 19th century, this small colony of homes consists of about thirty two aesthetically pleasing houses that are also incredibly picturesque. Today, people in Philadelphia visit this street to get a glimpse of the past, and transcend into the pre-revolution era. This location truly encapsulates what life was like in the early days of PA.

 Reading Terminal Market

Reading terminal markets is a huge public market and food emporium that offers fresh produce from a large number of merchants. This market took birth in the year 1893. The City of Philadelphia has ensured that the market infrastructure is well preserved for historic attraction.

Not only that, the organization and management set up this market to meet all sanitary standards. Here, you can browse across a variety of amazing products and food items. It is also an amazing spot to try the world famous, Philly Cheese stake.

This market also hosts one of the biggest ice cream festivals in the country. The market exposes you to the culture and vibrancy that Philadelphia entails. All in all, it is an incredible location for people that want to meet locals and soak in the Philly atmosphere.

Observation Decks

Most people are excited to visit Philadelphia so that they can witness its gorgeous skyline. The place exposes you to outstanding architecture that contributes to the sublime views of the city from elevation. You can visit One Liberty Observation Deck that is placed right in the heart of the city.

This observation area allows visitors to overlook Philadelphia from on top of the City Hall. It also offers a 360 angle so that you can stretch out the view in all direction. Overall, there are few better places to catch elevated views of the city.

Fairmount Park

If you like to find peace and serene moments in the middle of urban pleasures, then you can head on over to Fairmount Park. This park is a very famous urban park in Philadelphia. In terms of City Park systems, it is one of the biggest in the world. It covers over 2000 acres of land and offers an array of different activities and attractions. For instance, settled in the outskirts of the park, you can find the Philadelphia Zoo which is also historically significant.

Philadelphia Street Art

When driving or walking across the urban streets of Philadelphia, you will notice that some of the spaces are designed in amazing street art and murals. The numerous graffiti pieces are spread across the city because of the national public art program. This program was launched to provide the Philadelphia artists with space to express their arts and design the city spaces.

Thanks to this program, art in Philadelphia is celebrated with great positivity and the street murals are a great reflection of it. This program was also key in bringing together artists so that they can recreate public spaces into art. Therefore, when cruising around the city, you will find plenty of spots to stop by for Instagram-worthy portraits.

Final Thoughts

Philadelphia is home to some of the country’s great history, arts and culture. If you are interested in cultural heritage, science, and impressionist art, Philadelphia is the place for you. Not only that, it also provides people with incredible food, restaurants, affordable living and more.