Bring it Home Philadelphia

To catch a real glimpse of the city of Philadelphia, a visit to the neighborhood of old city is a must. This is an area that marks the beginning of the great Philadelphia. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the USA. Today’s visitors will find a lively area where people meet, work, shop and live. There are 22 blocks in the Old City, each presenting a large variety of restaurants, art galleries, fashion boutiques, and pubs.

Old City Attractions

Each year, tourists from all over come to this city to visit attractions such as the liberty bell, independence hall, Betsy Ross House, Declaration house and more. It is also a neighborhood where you will find the national constitution center. At this location, you will find that the US constitution is brought to life thanks to all the interactive experiences and live performances that it hosts.

This attracts a large number of students and people that love the American Constitutional tradition. Another popular attraction in the Old City area is the Philadelphia Museum of art. This is one of the largest in the nation, and it is best known for the iconic rocky statue and steps that lead to the Museum. This attracts thousands of tourists each year. In the heart of the Old City neighborhood, you will find the Rittenhouse Square Park.

This serene park showcases a neighborhood park that is surrounded by elegant apartment buildings, mansions, and brownstones. A portion of walnut streets near the park includes upscale shops and restaurants. While there are plenty of different dining destinations in Philly, a well-known spot in the old city is the old city tavern.

This elegant spot was place where significant figures of the American Revolution gathered. Philadelphia’s old city offers an incredible mix of housing options. These include condominiums, row houses, grand townhouses, apartments, and single family homes. You will also find houses varying in different architecture, from colonial heritage designs to townhomes.

Image source: Flickr/Wyliepoon