Bring it Home Philadelphia

The annual PHS Philadelphia flower show is gaining a fair bit of attention in the year 2022. Here, you can come over and rejuvenate in the sight of colorful gardens. You can also learn a great deal about the different types of plants and how to care for them. Botanical experts will be at your disposal, and you will get to witness nature in its thriving habitat.

Informed Shopping

Since experts will be available for informed decisions, this is an ideal event to get started with planting. You will not only learn about the different ecosystems surrounding plants, but you will also have the opportunity to purchase planting resources which help provide your house plants with the best conditions. Additionally, you can also select your favorite plant from a variety selection at the flower show. It is the perfect summer spot to bring over your fellow nature lovers, friends and family.

Some Necessary Changes

The annual flower show this year will be different from the one held last year. In the last year’s events, visitors had to deal with extreme heat and troublesome weather. To counter the problems of last year, the organizers announced that they will take extra precautions this year and offer attendees with extra shadings. Not only that, the company will also have additional water-filling shadings at the park.

Outdoor at FDR Park

Just as you enter the FDR Park, expect the flower show to offer a festival feeling. Here, you are not only strolling alongside magnificent flowers from different regions, but you are also amongst many other like-minded visitors like yourself.

The flowers at this floral event are often presented in a very thematic design which makes the flowers incredibly picturesque. When walking past the flowers, you will also notice information about the plant. This helps individuals perform a self-guided tour around the park.

The event also holds a design district that displays different types of floral designs and setups in the venue. Similar to design district, visitors can expect the large the venue to be divided into different districts for different exhibitions and activities. The PHS flower show is the biggest and oldest running flower show in Philadelphia.

Events in the Flower Show

Since it will be such a big event, a simple exhibit of flowers and plants are not only on the offer, but there is also an array of different activities within the show.

Early Morning Tours (June 12 – June 19)

From 8 to 10 in the morning, groups of individuals will get to experience a much more in depth view of the plants and flowers in the early morning bliss. They will also get to experience the different gardens, and will be under the guise of experts. This will allow them to spark insightful and educational conversations about topics pertaining to horticulture, nature, and health. Not to mention, people that hold morning tour tickets will be free to stay for as long as they want throughout the day.

Butterflies Live (June 10 – June 19)

This is an activity that will most likely be the highlight of the flower show. From 10 am to 8 pm, visitors can purchase an experience in which they will get to witness native immaculate butterfly species. The amazing and wondrous displays of color in an outdoor garden will be a memorable time for people of all ages. Not to mention, it will offer many photo opportunities that you add to the glossary of other pictures that you will take at this event.

Petting Party (June 11 – June 19)

This activity is for people that long to learn about the art of planting. The entry to get a seat in this event cost 10 dollars, which is a bargain considering the amount that you will learn, with hands-on training. Expert designer Tu Bloom will be the host to this amazing gardening workshop. Here, you will get to learn about the best planting practices, along with different ways to maintain floral beauty. After practicing on a particular pot, you will also have the option to take it home.

Pride Night – June 16, 2022

If you are looking to celebrate pride month in the best way possible, then visit Pride Night at the PHS event. From 8-30 pm to 11-30 pm, you can dance to uplifting tunes and enjoy lovely meals in celebration of the pride month. In this event, guests must be 21 or older and you can rejoice in celebration in floral beauties and enigmatic stars.

Other events like this one include flower after hours, which takes place on June 18, where you can drink, dance, and discover lovely meals under the stars. To find out about more information pertaining to the PHS Flower Show, and also to purchase tickets, you can visit their official website.