Bring it Home Philadelphia

If you are looking to make a home switch, but are just not ready to give up the pleasures of walking, then Philadelphia may be the choice for you.  When people think of Philadelphia, they think about the city and very few walking spaces. However, that is not the case. Below, you will find out about the suburbs that provide plenty of serene walking experiences.


Media is known as everybody’s home town. This suburb is very convenient since it is located very close to the city. It has got excellent schools and it is in the Delaware County which is about 13 miles from the city. It also has tree-lined streets that make for an incredible nigh time walking experience.

Not to mention, it also has a great downtown area like a main street. It also offers a very cool trolley that you can hop on, that will take you from point A to point B. Many people love Media because it is suburban, super walkable and offers amazing fun.


There are so many walkable places in the mainline. One of the best towns on the Philly mainline is Ardmore. Many people love this city because it offers amazing walking experiences, and they also offer great suburban new shops. At this point in time, this town has an excellent bank for your buck. When it comes to walkability, the suburb consists of walking routes that are alongside incredible scenic views and grasslands.

It is also a suburb that provides you an exposure to a diverse range of people. Form young people to old people, you can find a great mix of crowds in the local areas encompassing this town. It has also an excellent shopping district along with a great downtown area. Overall, Ardmore is probably the most balanced part of the mainline in regards to location, price, walkability, excellent schools and beauty. Not to mention, there are always one or the other activities going on in the city.


This suburb is also on the mainline, however, it is much different than Ardmore.  It is a perfect place for a one car-family commuting into the main city or out of the city. The main line is also just right outside of King of Prussia Mall. This means that you have easy access to do some suburban shopping.

Overall, Norbert also has a downtown main street type of area. Here, you can wander on the sidewalks and explore what the local businesses and restaurants have to offer. It is great for kids, families and has an incredible school district. Price points in Norbert are some of the highest in the area, but it offers stupendous walkability. Even if you are in the city, you can take the train and head to Norbert for an excellent time.


Also on the mainline, Wayne happens to be an amazing town if you love to explore on foot. The town is located along the train station with many restaurants around. The town is also very historic. Along with having many heritage sites, the town is also very commutable and super fun to spend an evening, even if you do not wish to move there.

When exploring this town, you will also note that it is not really as condensed and they also have downtown areas where you will great restaurants and shopping sprees. Like Norbert, this town is also close to the King of Prussia Mall, and has one of the best school district in America.

A fun fact about this town is that it was one of the first planned suburbs in America which means that you will find plenty of history in this town. From heritage architecture to modern amenities, this town offers its residents with the best of both worlds. A great spot to visit in Wayne is the Goat’s Beard.


Malvern is in Chester County and also located along the main line. This town is very special, and offers a friendly, pedestrian and safe neighborhood to the residents.  Here, you can walk down King Street and experience shops restaurants and super walk-friendly spots.

Malvern gives you the best value for your real estate as well. Despite being on one end of the mainline, the city is very commutable if you are getting into and out off the Philadelphia city.  When you are at Malvern, you will be enthralled by the amount of beautiful murals. You must also try the very famous Malvern Pizza when in the city.


This is also an incredibly walkable and impressive town. Located in Chester County, the town is in close proximity to the downtown strip. There, you can find numerous different shops, restaurants, and a lovely community.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Philadelphia has plenty more to offer than just the city life. Some of suburban spots provide wonderful opportunities to lay back and immerse in natural quiet atmosphere. The towns have excellent eclectic type people as well, with great housing and school districts.