Bring it Home Philadelphia

For Harry Potter fanatics in PA, it would be a dream to visit the magical land of Hogwarts without having to leave their city.  This year, coming February 18, the Franklin Institute will host the Harry Potter Exhibition. This is an exhibition that should enchant Potterheads to line up for the tickets. This may just be the closest you can get to Hogwarts, as it will allow you to live some of the most iconic moments of the movie, and witness a piece of the Harry Potter series in reality.

Tickets sales for this groundbreaking exhibit have already started to sell. Here, Visitors will get an up, close and personal look at the original Harry Potter costumes, props and more. Original items from the Harry Potter will be at display, along with props and costumes of another wizarding film, Fantastic Beasts. This will entice the audience for an entirely wizardly experience, and transcend them to a magical and mystical world for a moment.

From one of the most anticipated props, and immersive in-class technological design, this exhibition will let you experience the Dark Arts, Gringotts, Magical Castle, dragons, duels, and other renowned moments in full flesh. This is the biggest, but not the only reason why you must visit the exhibition.

Meet Global Fan Community

If you have ever had problems finding likeminded people that share the same passion for the Wizarding world as you, then you must pay a visit. Since the announcement of the tickets, more than 20,000 tickets have been sold. Expect potterheads from around the world to be coming to the exhibit. Thus, coming here will expose you to the community of Harry Potter fans. This will make for an incredible time where you share your thoughts on the book, and plenty more than you can ever expect.

Get a Load of Harry Potter Artisanship

When watching the movie, members of the audience often tend to get lost in the storyline without ever realizing the craft and work that goes into artifact design and prop creation. This exhibition can help you get a sense of how much work and steady creativity goes into making a masterpiece like Harry Potter. The exhibition will also introduce new audience members with brief previews of the entire film series.

The exhibition will highlight ornaments of the film series and put them on center stage so that fans can visualize some of the iconic moments of the movie in real life. There will be exhibits of dress uniforms, beds, wands, Harry Potter’s glasses, invisibility cloaks and much more.

Most of the props will be the exact ones used in the movie. The glimpses of the details and intricacies of the clothing and item design are astounding when you are standing across. Audience members can touch and feel the costume material and get a feel for how the performers must be feeling when re-enacting the iconic roles such as Dumbledore, Snape and more.

Become a Part of the Memorable World Premier Exhibit

This premier will encompass some of the most breathtaking highlights of your life if you are Harry Potter fan. Even if you are just the general viewer, the event offers to fill the venue with stupendous tunes seeping melodically out of the instrumental performances of musicians.

The blissful tunes from masterful musicians will surely account for an experience that will stay in your memory for many times to come. This event will have an incredibly impactful for the year 2022 in Philadelphia. Therefore, being a part of such a grand event is an incredible way to kick-start your year with a bang.

 The Golden Snitch

This exhibition is full of surprises, and the golden snitch introduction adds an interactive element to the event. Participating in the Golden Snitch challenge, you enter into the odds for wining an overnight stay and unique opportunities at the exhibit. This thematic opportunity offers you the chance to pose with the Golden Snitch or castle in true celebratory fashion. The Golden Snitch installations can be found in different castle locations.


The entry hours are divided into daytime and evening. Members of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia can take part in either of the timing slots without any admission fees. The price for the daytime ticket is for the general audience is $43 for adults and $39 for children.

The evening hours (5pm-8pm) are limited to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Ticket price for evening hours are $30 for both child and adult. Members can purchase entry tickets for only $20.

Non-members have the option to purchase VIP tickets that allow them entry at any time of the day, along with discounts on audio tours and photo ops.