Bring it Home Philadelphia

Only about 12,000 people live in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood, and it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in. The average price point for living in this neighborhood is about 400,000 dollars. Despite being a high priced neighborhood to live, it is certainly worth every penny. The cost of living in Chestnut Hill is about thirty percent higher than the rest of the city.

In terms of popularity, this neighborhood is widely known by many people around the world. Not only is the neighborhood popular, but it is also very diverse and a ton of people come all over the city to spend a great time in this neighborhood. The reason why it attracts so many visitors is because it offers incredibly beautiful spots in the city.

You can find arboretum there, along with walkable cobblestone shopping districts and all kinds of different houses. Overall, when walking along the tree-lined sidewalks, you will notice that none of the houses will look alike. Each homes incorporate different architecture and design, making chestnut a cool and eclectic spot in the city.

Image source: Flickr/Scarlet Sappho