Bring it Home Philadelphia

If you are wondering whether moving to Philadelphia is a good decision to make, then the short answer is yes. Many people recognize Philadelphia as the birthplace of the United States. However, there is much more to Philly than just history and cheese steak. The city is swarming with art and diverse culture, and it helps you get a glimpse of both, urban and rural pleasures.

Affordable Housing

The affordable housing factor makes Philly one of the best places to move for people seeking new opportunities. Here, you can find town houses, row homes, new construction, single homes and more. As you can see, it hosts a vast array of affordable accommodations for residents and new movers. If you are a family, you can also find many great school districts and safe neighborhoods.

The average median price for a single family home is about 240 to 250 thousand dollars. On the other hand, if you are looking to rent a living space, you can find one bedroom apartments that are around 15000 dollars a month. However, these prices can fluctuate according to the market.

Endless Activities

Wherever you are living in the Philadelphia area, you will only be a couple hours away from the Jersey Shore. Also depending on where you are in the Philadelphia Area, you could be just a few minutes from the Jersey Shore. Not to mention, you can also enjoy memorable times in the Poconos.

It is also just an hour away from New York City, and a couple of hours away from Delaware. Thus, the city resides at a geographical sweet spot, which allows you easy and short access to surrounding cities and popular tourist spots.

Another great aspect about being in the Philadelphia area is that it is home to a ton of great sports team. For football, you can catch the Philadelphia Eagles throw down in front a large crowd. They also have a great baseball team known as the Phillies. Along with that, you can also enjoy professional soccer and other sports.

Other amazing tourist spots in the city include helicopter museums, bounce places and more. Overall, there is plenty to do in Philly, as it caters to all kinds of people. Whether you are an art admirer, history fanatic, family man, or live music lover, there will be something to do in Philly.

When it comes to restaurants, being such a diverse and vast city, you can find all the options that you can think off. The variety in terms of eateries and bars are endless. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or have specific food requirements, you will not have trouble finding a good place to eat.

Culturally Diverse

The city of Philly exposes visitors and residents to incredible cultural diversity. When moving around Philly, you are likely to come across people of different cultures and ethnicity. This helps make people more tolerant and acceptable of others.

Diversity is not only accepted, but celebrated in the city. There are many events which are designed around different cultural and ritualistic practices of different ethnic groups. Therefore, if you want to experience and immerse into different languages, norms and celebrations, then you should go to Philadelphia.

Transit System and transport

Another great thing about living in Philly is its incredible transit system.  Thanks to the transit system, bike paths and transport infrastructure, getting around from one place to the other is very easy. There are many people in the city that ride bikes.

Along with that, there are also many bikes sharing companies in the city that make travelling accessible for the pedestrian. Thanks to the city’s massive buss system and subway’s system, you do not need a car to go in and around the city. You also have some taxis, Uber and Lyft drivers as great travelling options. When riding the bike, you can get access to many scenic trails.

Economic Growth

Major big companies are taking interest in the city of Philadelphia. This means that new companies will be setting their head quarters and workspaces in the Urban districts of Philly. This will mean more employment opportunities in the future. For new movers, this will help them finance the first couple of years in the city before they become stable.

Great School Districts

There are many colleges in the Philly area. For people that are younger and looking to move forward with their education, they will find many opportunities. Since there are so many great educational hubs, Philly is also home to many younger crowds in the public.

Final Words

Whatever you are looking for in terms of entertainment, the Greater Philadelphia area will provide. There is plenty of excitement in the air when walking across the streets of Philly. The rush hour, museums, murals, art displays can overwhelm you with memorable bliss. Thus, if you come to the City of brotherly love, the above-mentioned elements will be at notice.